Frost, dry skin, chapped lips, lack of vitamins — this is not a complete list of obvious signs of winter in your city. Many people, of course, do not afraid of it, and are ready to lie in the snowdrifts all night long, swim in the icy rivers and kiss the iron pillars. If you are such, then congratulations, you are a lucky one. Our article «how-to survive the winter» is irrelevant for you then.

But if you:

  • buy an additional hard drive for the download of serials,
  • trying to transfer meetings with friendas to the spring,
  • there is no life below 32 F,

then our article is for you. We’ll tell you how to survive the winter, fill it with meaning and not get lost for three months under a blanket.

We’ll also answer the question how to deal with the winter depression, give advice on pastime. We’ll spend the winter together!

1. Buy comfortable and warm clothes.

To stop hating the winter, you first need to create a comfortable environment for this. A warm jacket or fur coat, winter boots, a new scarf will make you feel like you’re in sanctuary and safe from the elements. Another great way to warm yourself is thermal underwear. In warmth, you won’t be offended by the winter!

2. Take vitamins / eat food containing vitamins.

In winter, they always lack, in particular because of the absence of the sun. But their deficiency adversely affects almost everything — memory, mood, sleep, general tone. In addition, on holidays, we slip and pour alcohol, which additionally removes vitamins from the body. You can, of course, avoid this if you know how to stay sober. But this is only a way to save vitamins, rather than restore their balance. Dissolving a vitamin pill in your glass once per day, you will soon realize how you lacked them.

3. Don’t stop physical activity.

Looks like winter doesn’t allow you to practice your favorite sport.  But being passive is not an option. In order not to turn into fat and creaky old man ahead of time, it is necessary to pump blood through the body. Best way to do it is a physical training.

What sports should I do in the winter?

Look at skates, skis, snowboard, snowscape, tubing. For real men there is hockey. Those who are fond of winter sports never have a question «how to surviv the winter». Moreover — this time of year is long-awaited.

If you don’t want to stay in the cold, you can enroll in the volleyball, basketball, mini-football section, go to the pool. Or just the gym. There are many ways to exercise in the premises .


If you don’t like anything, then buy yourself a dumbbell and do it at home. Or do at least sit-ups and push-ups once a week. It’s not so difficult to sit down 5 or 10 times, but the benefits are enormous. In activity, the melancholy will not survive.

4. Find a new hobby that requires training.

Becoming better day by day in something interesting, promising — this is the true purpose and bliss of long winter evenings.

  • Try to master any musical instrument.
  • Discover the toy Yo-yo
  • Or fingerboard
  • Read the book about psychology or anything.
  • Learn how to type quickly without looking at the keyboard.
  • Or anything else that only comes to your mind. But do not get carried away with massive online games. They will wate your time.

5. Go on a visit, or invite to yourself.

Being in society, communicating with friends — what could be better? If you are an extrovert, then this is your element. And if an introvert, then an excellent opportunity to jump out of your ice shell and master social skills.

6. Arrange raids on shopping centers during the period of discounts.

After the new year, the time begins when you can successfully hunt for discounts. And, as you know, shopping is an excellent medicine for any kind of sadness, including winter. So arrange a run through the largest shopping centers of your city together with a friend. Grabbing dozens of stylish things for ridiculous money, you will not notice how the depression will dissolve. And you will wait for this wonderful winter period from year to year.

7. Understand that you are cool.

If you carefully read our article and performed at least a couple of items, you have good chances to perform this one, the most important. In the end, what the hell kind of depression can you have? You’re smart, fashionable and active. You have great friends. In other words, you are cool, and those who are cool, do not have depression. As for other problems, they can be solved. Problems that you can not solve — not your problems.

8. Find yourself a girl / boyfriend.

Now you are ready for a terminal shot of happiness, right in the head (or in the heart). If all of the above still left an empty void inside, then the answer is simple. All You need is love. Perhaps, this item alone can close your winter melancholy. All of the above can be regarded as training to feel confident and open to the world.

When you feel like a normal person, not burdened by any melancholy, the hand stretches for itself toward the opposite sex, love and «high matter».  And when you find your one person, you will not care what time of day, year, and in general what it is a planet. If you do not want to get acquainted on the street and get frozen, you can always get acquainted on the Internet.


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