Often we have to attend events where’s so much alcohol. Numerous birthdays, corporate parties, meeting with friends. It happens that initially a peaceful event becomes a completely messy and drunk occasion. How to avoid drinking and stay sober in such conditions? Here are a couple of excuses on how to pass on another round. Why not use them when you don’t feel like jumping on the bandwagon?

SOmetimes you don’t mind drinking, but at times even a single drop could be a deal breaker. Especially for such cases we’ve decided to give you some specific advice on how to avoid drinking at a party.

1. I’m on intibiotics that are incompatible with alcohol.

It can be Flagyl, Tindamax, Bactrim, Septra, Pennicillin, Ciprofloxacin and many others. These drugs are categorically incompatible with alcohol. Their side effects, coupled with alcohol, are greatly amplified, and can even lead to death. Your drinking buddies still need you alive, don’t they? So they’ll keep any alcohol as far as possible from you, because:

  • Antibiotics slow down chemical reactions in the body through the transformation of alcohol. As a result, much more toxic elements enter the bloodstream.
  • Alcohol also helps to accelerate the absorption of antibiotics from the digestive tract. It results in a sharp jump in drug concentration, an increase in side effects, an overdose.

Pro: The excuse always 100% suspends your suspicion of contempt for drinkers.

Contra: You seem unhealthy in the eyes of guests. You can forget about meeting a girl on this party. (But don`t bother — meet a girl online!)

2. I won’t drink today — I was engaged in power exercises recently.

Even a light binge can completely reverse the results of your physical exercises. This is a scientific fact. And since the time spent on sports is precious, you don’t want to wate all the effect. So feel free to use this excuse. So you will kill four birds with one stone:

  • Pro: You get rid of booze.
  • Pro: Charm the ladies.
  • Pro: Shut up those who did not believe in your ability to go in for sports.
  • Pro: Let the scumbags from the next table know that it’s best not to mess with you.

But there is a disadvantage:

  • Contra: Drunk friends can get to test your strength, at best, armwrestling. In the worst case, just wrestling.

3. Are you out of your mind? I’m behind the wheel today!

Even if everyone knows that you do not have a car, you can use this excuse. After all, you might well be invited to learn to steer your pretty friend’s car.

If you already have a personal transport, then drive to the party, if you don’t want to drink. There won’t be any questions. In addition, this reason can become universal and permanent for you. You might as well even pull the plug on drinking.

  • Pro: Wealth.
  • Pro: Constancy.
  • Contra: You can’t always use it if you don’t have your own car.

4. I’m not a mig fan of alcohol, and NOR is my body. Just deal with it!

Another excuse that could save you some trouble. After all, there’s nothing tasty about drinking this bitter-ish liquid, is it? Not to mention allergic reactions to alko-toxins. Let all friends know about your views, and they will take you as a non-drinker eventually.

  • Pro: Over time, you completely stop getting bored by any alcohol.
  • Pro: Only if you ask, you will be poured.
  • Pro: If you still drink, you have a stronger relationship with this company. Cuz’ you rarely do it.
  • Contra: Insults if you say yes to one company, and no to another.

It takes time for everyone to realise that you really don’t like the whole thing.

How to avoid drinking and stay sober. 7 tips to walk away teetotal

5. I’m not going to a party. Can`t take alcohol any more.

After this excuse you are usually told that you’re free to stay sober, if you don’t want to drink, no one will be forced. Like just come and sit. After that you can calmly attend the event. In which case, a person who has freed you from the need to drink will stand up for you.

  • Pro: You gain allies in your mission to leave sober with the event.
  • Contra: Still, there is a danger that you are attacked with alcohol. Then apply the above excuses.

6. I just will not drink. Absolutely no! I do not want. Because I decided so.

A simple and severe «no» sometimes acts more efficiently than all the other methods together. This method can be salutary, if the past tips sounded not convincingly enough for others. Then just say no, looking straight into the eyes of the one who tries to get you drunk — so that he feels that you are not afraid of him, and intend to defend your position to the end. The effect is guaranteed if you really don’t want to drink.

Secret method:

There is also an unspoken way to cut off attempts to spoil you. You pour yourself alcohol, pretending that you need most. You clink glasses with everyone, but do not take a drink or drink very little. And if no one utters toasts, then you can sit quietly with a full glass.

Also you can include the method of visual replacement — you pour yourself a drink, similar to alcohol, and drink it like a strong boose.

  • Pro:  It don`t attract attention like your loud refusals of drinking.
  • Pro: You look pretty natural.
  • Pro: You perfect your acting skills.
  • Contra: Exposure can cost you dearly. Perhaps even penalties. In this case, use the excuses above.

The more often you ask yourself the question «How to avoid drinking and stay sober» the better for your own health. But sometimes it hurts your social adaptability. Be cheerful and charismatic at parties, so there will be no such problems. You will be loved and waiting at all parties, regardless of whether you drink or not.

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