Megapolis, all around vanity and lack of time. The sphere of fast services is flourishing: English for 1 day, fast love, fast food … This is the natural habitat of shawarma. Yours too? Your parents «worked» in the kitchen, and nine months later you appeared? In your children’s photo album you can see a chicken and cabbage sprouts? Then our article is for you! We’ll tell you what to do if you’re a shaurma.

First, we offer a small test: signs that you are a shaurma.

What if I'm shaurma. Test: are you really a shaurma

  • You are from the Middle East or Central Asia.
  • You breed only in tents.
  • Your father earns you to put the alloy wheels on his tinted ride.
  • If you stand for a long time in an upright position, then from the bottom you begin to drip.
  • You are always with cabbage; Greenery is enough.
  • You have a cropped cucumber. We won’t tell anything about tomatoes …
  • You are able to satisfy the hunger of even the most insatiable lady from the railway station.
  • And to break the bottom of any tought guy, if you are not in the mood.
  • Your name in passport: Shaurma Lashik Kebabovich.
  • Perhaps you are Shaurma only because you are mistaken in the suit of Shawarma, advertising the tent of the local Doner King — Vazik Kairapetyan.

If you agree with at least 3 statements, then you can read further.

If from 8 out of 10 — write in the comments, where and how much you can eat.

If 10 out of 10, then dear Lashik, police have already left for you to depart you as illegal.

Folk wisdom says «Know thyself.» So let’s tell you who you are.

Shaurma (doner, kebab, shaverma) — a dish of grilled, chopped meat, as well as a vegetable salad. Dressed with sauce, spices and wrapped in pita bread.

Meat, as a rule, chicken, rarely lamb or calf.

Preparation of shawarm at home:

Do you want to know how they came into being? Or are you planning to start multiplying? Wherever your mom and dad are doing your creation — behind the counter at all in sight, or at home — you can not worse. And here’s how it’s done:

What if I'm shaurma. Test: are you really a shaurma

The following ingredients will be needed:

  • Meat of chicken.
  • Fresh lavash.
  • Fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, finely chopped cabbage, you can add carrots.
  • Sauces: Mayonnaise, ketchup.
  • You can add cheese, fried potatoes and mushrooms to taste. But with mushrooms, you probably already have enough …

We cut the meat as small as possible, and evenly put it on a preheated, buttered frying pan. While frying, we will open a pita bread and grease with mayonnaise (from the inside!). While waiting for meat to be fried, we understand that there is time to lay an even layer of cabbage on lavash, and add other vegetables.

In the meantime, the meat arrived, put it on the pita bread, and turn off the shawarma. Folding is the most crucial moment! It depends on him whether you’ll ever try to cook this dish again. The figure shows how to do it.

Bon Appetit!

As you can see, the pluses of being a shavera are a foot in step with minuses. And the more you ask yourself what to do, if I’m shaurma, the more clearly it is: we must act, because the expiration date arrives!

What if I’m Shaurma

► Rejoice that you are not Holodec.

What if I'm shaurma. Test: are you really a shaurma

► Do not be sad that you are not a shish kebab. But it’s not holodec.

► Wear a plastic bag to prevent dripping from the bottom. Have you accumulated too much sauce, which already hits the head? We recommend to read also how to get a girlfriend.

► Do not try to solve all problems with cabbage. Better build more meat.

► Color pita bread — useless props.

Statistics say that people prefer classic lavash, so do not chase fashion, and put on the bright colors of cheese and spinach lavash. The main thing is what’s inside!

► You have to hang near train stations and subway. All your friends are already there!

► Make sure that your father has a medical book and permission for working in your country.

It is not easy to be a shaurma in this world of people. But we sincerely hope that our very advice will help you to ease your life. And the relief of people after you will be held in regular mode.


Recently they ate shawarma? Soon you’ll need to know how to properly wipe your butt.

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