I’m sure everyone ever wondered how to wipe your butt correctly. «Am I do it right? Maybe there’s a better way.» But to ask about this openly is not accepted, there is very little information. I myself have long gained experience in this sensitive issue, and the skill came to me far from immediately. In childhood, like other people, my relatives helped me to wipe, but it could not go on forever. My mother wasn`t always at home, and it`s difficult to guess the time for going to the toilet. And I decided to learn how to do it myself.

At first it was difficult, dirty and inefficient. I could spend half a roll of toilet paper at a time, could erase my anus to the blood, and not having achieved the coveted purity. I can say with certainty that I made all the mistakes in this issue that are possible. And now I`ll gladly share my experience.

So, in order to wipe the back properly, you need to take into account that first of all the work begins already in the process of defecation. The cleaner it goes, the easier it will be for you afterwards. In addition, there are a number of technical issues that I will try to highlight in this article. Below are my observations. I hope they will help you and turn out to be relevant.

Ten tips that will change your approach to wiping your butt.

How to wipe your butt: 10 pieces of advice that change the way you wipe

1. First of all, when you go to toilet, make sure that there is toilet paper in the area of ​​reach, wet wipes, or at least a hundred of bucks by 1 dollar. Seriously, it’s the easiest way to get in trouble like this. If the place is public, then I like to put toilet paper on seat. It`s not cold to sit down, and the paper is prepared in advance.

2. The denser you squeeze your sphincter, the dirtier it becomes. Relax. Lean forward. Imagine that you are not sitting on the toilet, but at the reception of the Queen of England. She imperceptibly dropped her expensive diamond ring, and it rolled down to you. Now this stage should pass immaculately.

3. The most crucial moment comes when the last poop comes out. Sometimes it goes very slowly, and the temptation to hurry it up is great. It is very important not to squeeze the sphincter ahead of time, and do not slam it directly on the turd.

4. Food is also cause great affect on how smooth the process of wiping the butt goes. Eat healthy food, more fiber and drink kefir for better digestion and intestinal microflora. It happens that the feces themselves are very viscous, and it can be difficult to erase. The main thing is not to lose control over yourself and the process.

5. When the process of defecation has come to an end, do not rush to stand upright. Here, your audience with the Queen of England ends, get a little up, lean forward so that your buttocks do not clench together, but remain apart. At this point, you should already have paper at hand.

6. It is very important not to rub everything back and forth. We do by the theorem: we wipe from the edge, leading to the «back door». Everything is exactly the same as when sweeping a room — sweeping to the exit :) Then we switch to collective movements, like a broom and a scoop collect all the dirt. Moving in a wrist is similar to when you collect paper from a table with crumbs. We do this with the index and thumb.

In doing so, let your wrist guide you. You just need to train your hand, like, for example, playing a guitar or drawing with a pencil. The force of pressure is important in every particular movement. Over time, you`ll gain a grace that is incomparable to any conductor of the world!

7. Hold for a while in the position of step 5, wipe away the strongest dirt that you feel. If everything is bad, then it’s better to lean forward as much as possible, so it will be easier and safer. You do not want to stand like that for a long time, so wipe the dirtiest, and move on.

8. When you have become purer, you can become straight, but at the same time stick out the back, leaning on one leg. So the buttocks will still remain apart, allowing you to effectively wipe yourself.

wipe ur butt9. I always assess the purity of both the piece of paper and the sensations. Sometimes the paper remains clean, but the sensations say that somewhere else is dirty. This means that some dirt`s hidden. It`s necessary to bend forward again, and wipe everything several times, until the state of complete comfort.

10. Concerning the choice of toilet paper — I prefer the standard toilet paper, nonsmooth, but not as sandpaper. This allows you to be quickly and effectively wiped out. Expensive sorts of toilet paper also have not bad cleansing qualities, and in addition they are soft. If your anus is often rubbed to the blood, try to move to a paper class higher.

If the paper is smooth, then it is very difficult to wipe it off, everything will be rubbed.

But the most effective means for me is wet wipes.

With them, everything is easy and simple, the sensations are like going to the shower. You can start out with them, but then still go to dry toilet paper. In addition, some of them can cause irritation and itching (personal experience).

Now you know how to wipe the butt. I wish you pleasant, plush sensations!

For inspiration and motivation, I am enclosing below a poetry of the unknown author:

Today is the dance, now the dance
I put off my big offense
I put it down on some glasses
Leave some poops for the masses
Past the ladies passed and sat
Reset the count, leave some brat
I enclose the toilet fight, the hussar was dissatisfied
He brought with him a detachment, OMG! I was glad to poop at home.

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