It would seem that the watch is an excellent gift, a solid and status thing. Moreover, a good watch is almost the only acceptable decoration for a man. You can’t give a necklace or earrings to a normal guy.

But there it was: superstitions and omens were putting the spikes in the wheels of those wishing to give a watch. Surely everyone has heard about this promise — they say, You can’t give them, especially to those who love somebody. Let’s take a look together, can You give a watch or not? And what can it means to different people.

Why can’t you give a watch

Can You Give a Watch? What it Means to Different People?1. All the fault — from China, according to one version. To get a watch as a gift, means to be invited to a funeral, that’s what chinese say. A strange connection, isn’t it? It turns out that in Chinese the word «burial» sounds almost the same as «clock». Therefore, donating them is prohibited.

But spreads only on the wall and desktop mechanisms. The wristwatch is written and pronounced differently. Accordingly, they are outside the zone of influence of this sign. Nowdays a wrist watches are considered as prestigious and desirable gift in China, especially among the young.

2. Not without Europe. Their sign says that You should not give sharp objects — knives, forks, razors … the hands of the watch are just like that. it’s believed that the thread’ll cut the threads of good relations between people — love, friendship, business.

Although, it’s worth reproaching the Europeans for double standards — Gothic castles with sharp towers were given without fear of any superstitions. For example, the Czech castle Bezdez was donated by King Vaclav IV for helping to suppress the rebellion of his cousin Prokop, and this didn’t contribute much to the breakdown of their relationship.

But You can use this sign for Yourself. If You were «friendzoned» by a girl, give her a watch. The threads of friendship’ll be cut, and if she likes the clock, then something more interesting’ll begin to to happen;)

Can You Give a Watch? What it Means to Different People?it’s logical to assume that the electronic clock, or iWatch, is not covered by the absence of arrows.

3. In our country the signs with the clock are more logical.

⊕ it’s not customary to give a watch to a person on the day of birth, especially to old ladies. This’ll indicate that time is running out, the best years have already passed and youth can’t be returned. It’s only earning and decay.

⊕ it’s not customary to give a watch to older people. If You give watch to Your grandfather, he can take it as a direct hint that his time has already come, that it’s time to transfer the apartment to the heir. Caution — older people are more superstitious, and a great apartment in the center of the city can swim away from You just from under Your nose.

⊕ Another sign: a watch given to the beloved person count down the time until the pair break up, and when the watch stops, there’ll be a separation forever.

→ Remember: the power of superstition and acceptance is taken solely from Your belief in them. There is no faith — there is no power of superstition. There’s no approve of superstitions from the science. But the social component still has a place to be. If society believes in superstition for some reason, they’ll have to be reckoned with. But to reckon is not to believe, but only to take into account the experiences of other people.

Can You Give a Watch? What it Means to Different People?

The way that allows You to give and take the watch as a present.

The sign, as is known, applies only to donations, but not to buying and selling. Therefore, the advice is simple: don’t give a watch, but allow the recipient to redeem Your gift. You don’t need to demand the full cost of 120 thousand bucks for a Swiss clock, ten cents is good enough. The very fact of concluding such a deal is important.

What if You got a watch? If You’re superstitious, make an agreement with the donor that he didn’t give them to You, but sold them for this cent. If it’s still scary, sign a contract with him, or throw over 100 cent more to fix the deal — perhaps it’ll be half the cost of the clock.

Give nice gifts, believe only in good, and let You have a Gothic castle, or at least a three bedroom apartment in the center of the city.

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