You have the long-awaited smartphone that came to replace the previous «ringer.» The new one, of course, can’t work for a month without recharging, doesn’t split nuts, and even there is no infrared port in it. But it boasts a lot of features, a bunch of applications, and, importantly, the presence of a camera capable of making bearable shots. We’ll talk about one of the most popular applications for the camera — Instagram,will tell you, what is It, and why everyone use it.

What is Instagram, what’s the use

Instagram — a service that allows you to keep your photo/video diary, follow the accounts of other people (including many celebrities), communicate via the comments or direct messages.

The beauty is that you can immediately process the photo you just shoot (it’s quite easy), and make it «candy». And then immediately put out in the World. Everything is extremely simple and accessible.

In the Instagram, it is customary to spread out various strange and cool events, landscapes, things that evoke an emotional response. People who dine instant noodles every day, place photos from sushi bars. And those who are in the restaurants every day, put some cheap dishes in the Instagram.

And also it’s good to spread various proofs of belonging to the well-off elite. Initially, it went from the fact that Instagram was for a long time only available for Apple — devices so adored by the rich ones.

The usual photo from Instagram.

Обычное фото в инстаграм.

Speaking of what Instagram is, you can’t fail to mention that this is a social network. Surely you have a friend who sits in instagram more often than on a pot. Most likely, she showed you this application. So there was a rapid spread of this service (not counting the publication in the most popular blog sites Beats Blog and Techcrach at an early stage of development)

Who needs an instagram

Instagram is suitable both for janitors removing their new broom with rhinestones, and for his boss, photographing his new Ferrari, received for outstanding successes before the head of the district in his spare time. In other words, Instagram is suitable for everyone who wants to show something. But not everyone needs it.

Recently, Instagram has also become popular with beginning businessmen (and not much, like Nike or Adidas). Its functions are quite enough to place the goods in the form of photographs, to recruit potential customers into subscribers and to be in touch with them. Clothing, footwear, accessories are the most popular goods in Instagram. And who knows, maybe soon there’ll be oil contracts and tenders for the supply of weapons.

You don’t really need Instagram if:

  1. Nothing new is happening in your life.
  2. You have no friends, no idols, no admirers.
  3. You have a «dialer» — simple phone.
  4. If you have enough of your photos in glossy magazines around the world.
  5. You’re uploading your photos/videos to an another service.
  6. You don’t want to show your property.
  7. You are on a diet (there are many pictures of delicious food in Insta).

Whether to use the Instagram, or not — everyone decides for himself. Either society makes a choice for you. But, in any case, now you know what Instagram is.


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