The entire functioning of mankind is based on the relationship between the sexes, strongly embedded in its history and culture. Romeo and Juliet sacrificed their lives on the altar of love. Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre ended up together even after hardships and lies. Lancelot and Guinevere’s love changed the  fate of an entire continent. There are many more stories which inspired a lot of novels and films. Do you want to experience the same emotions that will rock your whole world, or just to lose your virginity? In this article we’ll encourage you to do things that will hep you to easily get a girlfriend.

Many people say that you don’t need to bother: “ just be yourself, and everything will turn out” they say.  Maybe. But did  you ever like a girl who did not care about you? Our task is to expand your “target audience” and increase the chances of finding not only your girlfriend, but a soul mate. The rolling stone gathers no moss.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is not «how to get a girl», but «how to get a girl to like you.»

It’s great that you like to spend time drinking beer, playing DOTA2 and hanging out with your friends. But it gets you more that a beer belly, and stories about you dominating the center to be successful with girls. A lot of stories starting with “We  got wasred with my mate Danny …” is also a controversial aphrodisiac. it happens though, that people start dating by only drinking together. But more on that later.

In any case, the first thing that the lady sees is your looks. You don’t have to be Apollo, because girls are not basically fixated on looks. You just have to groom yourself, and you’ll find no difficulty in finding a girlfriend

1. Wash regularly.

It is desirable to do so before others ask you about it. If, of course, your goal is not an odorous lady from the railway station. A Very important point is to avoid sebaceous hair by any means, if you want to find a girl. Many complain specifically about greasy hair on quite good-looking guys.

2. Cut your hair.

With a neat haircut, you will have much more chances to be liked by girls than with a shapeless heap of hair on your head. Long, well-groomed hair is appreciated no less. There are girls who are ready to forgive the guy anything for his long hair. They even come together in communities that are easy to find.

How to get a girlfriend. Tips for success3. Be in good physical shape.

The ability to click a mouse for 6 hours without stopping is not an indicator of a good shape. It’s much easier to get some muscles than it seems, and it will significantly expand your target audience. The ideal option is an active sport as a hobby: girls really like athletic guys. If time is short, then only 40 minutes of the active excercise  twice a week will keep you fit.

4. Update the wardrobe.

• You can start with a small step – take all your torn socks to the trash. Or at least let the granny sew it up.

• The next step is underwear. Destroy your underpants with the corresponding color marks in the front and behind – it`s a shame. Order yourself a fashionable set of your size, and trust us, soon it will be appreciated by the girls.

• Clothes next. Go to a mall with a female friendl. She’ll help you to pick a thing that will hide your weaknesses and  flatter your physical strengths. Buy rather a couple of high-quality things than a heap of clothes that don’t fit. Discover a new type of clothes: t-shirts with a triangular neckline, vests, sweat shirts, hoodies, jackets, polo shirts, anything – experiment.

• Make your own style, learn the best from the world-class masculinity and style icons , or just a  friend who’s popular with ladies. Girls are great at noticing small details, so your image can tell a lot about you

5. Buy a nice cologne.

Usually it can be picked in the same store where you updated your wardrobe with your friend. Smells have a huge impact on Homo sapiens, including girls. It’s the final touch of your flawless image.

Personal qualities.

However, visual attraction is hardly half of the success. After the girl liked you, you’ll have to interact and talk with her about something. It’s time to connect with the whole range of your personal qualities.

It may take time to develop them. But this is the key to communicating with girls, which determines how successful you are. You need to develop these qualities in yourself to meet the love of your life, and generally improve the quality of life. Of course, only the soap opera characters have all of them at once, but the more you have, the better.

1. Confidence.

Girls like self-confident guys, it’s no secret. Show her that you have it, or you risk staying in the friendzone. But don’t confuse it with being too cheeky, otherwise you’ll get the red card. Just be confident, look at her without shyness, and everything will turn out.

Man found a girl2. Responsibility.

Make her understand that  infantile carelessness is not about you, that you are already an adult person (even if you are only 15) and that you can take responsibility for your actions, yourself and your loved ones. Every girl dreams of being with such a man.

3. Purposefulness.

The girl should see that you don’t  just sit on your ass and you have where to move instead, that you have your own goals. Ideally they should somehow match those of her own. Then she immediately  imagines the further development of your relationship, even if this is your first date , and will be more willing to take you  further , if you know what I mean ?

4. Manners.

When you open the door  for her or give her your hand, helping to get off the bus, she is already imagining you in her bedroom. Be a gentleman, and she’ll understand that you know how to treat girls.

5. Social approval.

This is what others say about you. If you have mutual friends, who unanimously repeat: “He’s a great guy, and has a lot in common with you,” she has no chance to resist. And if you are approved by her best friend, then consider that the bob’s in your uncle (if you don’t lose it all by yourself). Also, if she sees that you’re in demand among other girls, she’ll be more interested in you.

6. Kindness.

Usually it is enough to show that you’re kind to the girl. She’ll believe she’s really special if you hate the whole world except her. But it is also desirable to be kind to her cat and her mother.

7. The mind.

Be interested in the world around you. The wider the range of your interests, knowledge (or at least the baggage of useless information), the more possible points of contact with girls, and with the world.  Smart is the new sexy! ?

8. Sense of humor.

If you have it, you will be much more interesting, more fun, and that means the girls will like spending time with you. In addition, with a sense of humor it is much easier to find friends, to overcome life’s trials, and generally to live. You can develop it – love yourself, don’t be afraid to be funny and joke about yourself, watch comedy shows, and in time you will develop a great sense of humor.  However it’s important to know where to stop, so don’t overdo it, and don’t joke about her dead dog, and so on. However, you should not make those qualities obtrusive. Show them naturally, as it goes. Boasting is not in your interests. Modesty on top of each of these qualities makes them twice as valuable.

Get a job.

To have a good time together, you will need money . Even if a girl likes paying for herself, you will have to pay for yourself. You can, of course, ask your mother for ice cream money for your girl, but having an independent income will present you in a much more advantageous light.

Now you’re ready to find a girlfriend!

If you followed our advice, then at this stage you are ready to get the girl of your dreams, if she has not found you yet. After all, working on yourself gives a real result – girls begin to pay attention to you. Below we will tell you the most effective ways how and where to find a girlfriend.

Call for your friends and classmates.

They’ll help to find a girlfriend. Someone is bound to know a few girls who  are in your taste. In addition, if you are the girl’s good friend’s grandparents’ nephew’s friend , there will be more chances for you than for a regular guy from the street. Tell your friends about your preferences and they will search a girlfriend for you. After they find a girl that might be interested , try to arrange a secret date with her through mutual friends, let them invite both of you to a party or a gathering where you can communicate with her. Next, act by instinct – take her  phone number or facebook contacts and continue to communicate.

Take advantage of online dating.

How  to  find a girl without getting up off the couch? Of course, with the help of dating websites. True, you still have to go out with her. Is it difficult to find a girl because you don’t have much free time? Internet-Dating is  the most efficient way. You’ll have to spend time only to fill out the questionnaire and do the photoshoot. On sites it is easy to find a single woman of any age by a number of parameters. Also it’s easy to find a girl to make a family with in the future: you can immediately pick up a marriage website, see the relationship goals of the ladies, and find a settled girl who wants a husband.

There are, of course, disadvantages, for example, you can be fooled by a photoshoped photo, the girl you choose may have a terrible voice, smell bad, or something else that you could not notice online. We have already told a lot about Internet dating in our articles: Filling in the questionnaire and your first message. If you decide to try to get acquainted on the Internet, that’s what you need.

Get acquainted wherever you are.

Be open to what happens around you, look out to  the world and act  according to the situation. After all, girls are almost everywhere, wherever you go. Let’s consider several situations:

• If the girl looks lost, looks at the signs in the subway, or can’t figure out her way around the neighborhood, come up and ask if she’s all right. At least talk,  at best you have the chance to find a new girl.

• A girl with a huge bag  or even a larger staircase. Offer her a hand, also you can ask her about her vacation in  the Maldives. She will probably say she had stayed elsewhere, so you will get a topic to begin with.)

• There are always girls who need help around. In the gym, on the bike path, in the cloak room, at the elevator.  They are the weaker sex for a reason. Help the ladies. And they will help you.

How to get a girlfriend. Tips for success

• At parties, in a nightclub or at a holiday, it’s easier to get acquainted – everyone is relaxing, ready for social contacts. Approach her, introduce yourself, ask if she often comes here, is she  knows the organizer and what the place is like in general, try to start a dialogue. At the same time you can tell her about yourself if you notice her interest in you.

There are many more places where you can get a girlfriend. The above tips will help you to  to meet a girl anywhere. But such ambitious goals as to find your one true love,  require much time. Live a full life, don’t focus on women entirely, be happy and develop, and you’ll have everything. Good luck! ?


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