In the previous article, we told you the tips for writing a dating profile. Another 5 minutes on the armament of knowledge, and for you it will not be difficult to get acquainted online and find a girl. Now we will take a closer look at what to write to a girl.

I never use pick-up methods for several reasons:

1. Normal sexually mature girls won’t love you for a duty-pick-up phrases.

Only a young girl, or some stupid ones will be interested in a template message in the style of «urgently call me 01, in my heart a fire broke out when I saw your photo, baby.» Write like that, only if you really have a fire at home, and the pillows are already burning in the form of hearts.

2. Stepping along the way of a pick-up, you inevitably put an imprint on your worldview, and the attitude towards girls in general.

It becomes a habit to treat girls as prey, or a meat. Yes, you can temporarily solve your current problems, meet physical needs. But you risk once to feel the devastation and loneliness with which none of your produced sheepskins can do anything. Because all you need is a girl equal to you.

3. Girls are uncomfortable to realize that they were being processed by a «professional».

Learning that her natural protection from ungodly men was bypassed with the help of a universal «opener», she certainly will add herself to the list of cold stinkers of this world. And there are so many of them.

So, how to find a girl online? What message should I send to her?

As we have already explained, the guy should write first. You won`t hope that you will create a questionnaire, and lotta girls immediately love you. With those who wrote to me first, I have never had anything but friendship. Although friendship is also great. :)

You, of course, can write simply «Hello». But she receives a lot of such letters. And even if you liked her outwardly, your actions are quoted low. The first phrase to a girl on the Internet should be a little more meaningful.

• Study her questionnaire, even if there is little information, you can usually catch on for something. It is better to take not by quantity, but quality.

With this approach, you will have fewer messages left unanswered. And the girls you will meet will be more interested in you, just like you.

• There may be some interesting detail in her photos tthat you can notice in the first message to her.

For example, if she’s in an absurd pose learns to skate on the rollers, then we can say that she is very graceful even losing her balance. Or ask what bearings she uses :)


photo of a girl online

In this case, you do not need to look for trivia in the background. It will sound insulting and stupid if you write about some kind of vulgar stone in the background, pretending to be some comic. After all, in the foreground — she, all so beautiful, with the perfect manicure, in a dress, rings and an interesting pose. It is necessary to push away from the detail directly connected with her.

• If the content of the girl’s questionnaire is a «dark forest» for you (and this will often happen) — look for, find out, and tie a conversation on interesting topics for her!

Use the hooks that they leave for you. If you see the mysterious name of her favorite book, look for a brief summary. You do not even have to go to the library! Surely you will have some thoughts about the book. Discuss them with the girl, not forgetting to admire the fact that the beautiful girl reads good literature.

The same with photos. If you see something that is obviously interesting to her, go to and look for information about it. Thus, to create an interesting conversation is not difficult, and the girl understands that she can talk with you about everything. And this is already 60% of the success.

And 2 more important points about meeting a girl online:

• Try to be brief and succinct in the first message.

And then increase the volumes of your odes to a girl directly in proportion to the volume of her messages to you in return. Too massive the first message will immediately scare the girl away. 2-3 sentences will be more than enough.

• Write competently!

Yes, here you are at the exam on the Russian language. And you were lucky in any case: either that you just write correctly, or that you have a bunch of spell checking services at your fingertips. For example, this one.

You don’t want to do it:

 • Offer a sex in the first message.

With this you put a cross on your profile, and she immediately gets you on the blacklist. Girls come with whole bags of such spam.

• And in general to force acquaintance immediately.

Offers to start living with you immediately (for you are scared to go home alone), chat on Skype (for you are scared at home alone) or give birth to a child (for the same reasons) put the girl in a cultural shock. Respect her personal space, and remember that any girl really is a bulwark of inner purity. Her very essence does not allow her to go with you right from the doorstep.


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